Therapeutic erotic massages, how to give them?

The erotic massage has been around for a long time, the most sexual of all the massaging types. During this massage, the aim is to work on different parts of the body to arouse sexual excitement, which distinguishes the erotic massage from other kind of massages. Erotic massages are performed for pleasure but they also help treat various sexual health problems.

erotic massage

Here are some tips on how to give therapeutic erotic massages to men:


Don’t work only on the tip of the penis but, also pay attention to the root of it. Cup the testicles in your hand with your fingers facing their butt. Press upward into his body with your finger tips and play with different sensations- pressing rhythmically, kneading and tickling.


The prostate is a small gland that produces the prostate fluid, one of the components of semen. Men really enjoy it being massaged. To reach the prostate, lubricate a finger and very gently place it inside the man’s rectum. Bend your finger to find the spot. You can also use toys for prostate massage.


Male nipples are often disregarded but most men have sensitive nipples. Caress them with a light touch or pinch them gently to get him aroused. Play with the amount of pressure you can apply to find the right level.


The scrotum is the skin that holds the testicles and it’s very sensitive to the touch. Massaging this area requires a light caress not to cause pain as it’s extremely sensitive.


The perineum is a very special pleasure spot between the testicles and the anus. Bend down in front of the man, open his legs and gently massage this area. This is a highly pleasurable spot for men.


Men’s behind is often forgotten because their sexual organs are pointing at us. With some oil, slowly slide your palms in a circular motion and massage the gluteus, you can also use your finger tips to softly pinch them as well.


It’s a very sensitive area and most men like a little butthole massage. Tickle his butthole with small circles around the rim.

Erotic massages are about giving pleasure and exciting your partner so, remember to find and experiment with new places to find out which one really works for your man.

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