Seven curiosities about sperm

1. First of all, you should know that sperm and sperm cells are not the same. Sperm cells, which are produced by the testicles, are only elements present in sperm. There are other elements in the sperm produced by the prostate and the vesicle which supply sperm cells with substances that helps them to move faster and to dilute better in the woman’s body.

2. Sperm cells wear kind of a helmet which is called acrosome, it consists of an oval structure which gets from the extreme of the sperm cell to half of its head. Inside it, there are several chemicals which enable the sperm cells to drill the wall of the uterus and inseminate the ovule.


3. Only one sperm cell out of the two hundred millions average in an ejaculation will be the lucky one to inseminate the ovule of the woman. There’s much competence and a hard fight to be the chosen one, without a doubt.

4. Men never stop producing sperm. Although sperm presents some changes in its composition, men will produce sperm during their whole life. On the other hand, women are born with a fixed number of ovules and will release them month by month, but they won’t keep producing ovules.

5. Having a balanced diet is essential to get a healthy sperm. There are components that play a crucial role improving the liquidity and the mobility of sperm cells. It’s the case of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid you can find for instance in salmon fish.

6. According to some studies, you shouldn’t approach any device with Wi-Fi connection to your genitals. The waves of mobile devices, laptops and so on act as free radicals that cause oxidation and cellular damage in sperm. And the same goes for women, too. They also damage vaginal fluids on a cellular level.

7. There are many myths around the time of survivance of sperm cells out of the body. There are some urban legends stating that they can last even the whole day. So, if a woman shares a bath with a man and he ejaculates on the water, she could get pregnant. Don’t worry, the myths aren’t real. The time of survivance of sperm cells when released out of the vagina is just a few minutes. In case of releasing the sperm in the vagina, sperm cells can survive during the ovulation, enabling them to keep their reproductive properties during 72 hours.

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