Which are the healthiest sex positions?

We can’t start this post without mentioning the greatest compilation of sex positions in an illustrated book: Kamasutra. Going through all its pages, we can find different sex positions. Some of them are sensual, some others are daring, there are acrobatic positions hard to practice if you aren’t flexible enough and, although it may seem hard to believe, there are also some positions which help us to improve our physical and mental health.

The experts point out that some mental disorders and also physical diseases can be generated both by an unsatisfactory or a frustrating sexual life. As the doctors Anne Bryce and Thomas Lombardy state on their book “The Healthiest Positions to Make Love”, having a pleasurable sexual life where feelings join physical sensations contributes to be healthy. That’s why it is important to know and adopt pleasurable sex positions where we can harmonize and balance body and mind.

There are some techniques and sex positions which help men and women to reach more intense orgasms and avoid the monotony of practicing the classic sex positions. However, some of them may be hard to practice for people with reduced mobility and obesity, so be careful when practicing them. Here it is a list of some positions that will help you to improve your health at the same time that you have fun.


The woman lies down with spread legs while the man places on her, face to face. This position is highly beneficial to relieve stress. It is considered to be the most boring sex position, but it is great to tone the gluteal muscles, pelvis and tights.



The man lies down while the woman sits down on his penis. The movements women make in this position will help them to exercise the lower abdomen and pelvis. Men will tone their thighs as they lift their pelvis to ease the coitus.


The woman is on her four while the man is behind her and kneels to approach the woman with his pelvis. Women benefit most in this position. During it, they tone triceps and shoulders and both members of the couple exercise their abdomen and the lower back.

Standing up

Having sex standing up is a hard exercise for men because they have to hold the woman and also make movements with their hips. In this position, men will exercise their arms, back and abdomen.

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