Why is it good for our health to have sex?

There are a million reasons why we all should have sex. For instance, sex makes us smile more and have a happier life. Sex is also good for our self-esteem, it helps us to get to know ourselves better, increase our sex-appeal and enjoy our body.  However, today I’ll only focus on the benefits of sex for our health because, in case you didn’t know yet, having sex is a synonym for a healthier life.

Sex and a long life

The latest studies show that people who have sex live longer than those who don’t. In particular, a recent study revealed that those people who have orgasms at least twice a week are less likely to die of a disease than people who only had orgasms once a month.

Sex and stress relief

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People who often have sex usually respond better to stressful situations like a job interview or speaking in public. This happens because during sex our body releases natural hormones like oxytocin, the responsible for making us feel happier and more relaxed.

Sex and anti-ageing

Some neuropsychologists have already found that men and women who are sexually active look average five years younger than those who don’t usually have sex. In addition, every time we have sex, we secret DHEA, also known as “the anti-ageing hormone”, a natural hormone believed to be the key to keep our body in shape.

However, this isn’t a magical formula to rejuvenate and it doesn’t follow the rule “the more sex you have, the better”. Quantity isn’t the only important aspect here, quality is also important. In fact, sex anti-ageing benefits are stronger if we have sex with feelings involved.

Sex and a strong immune system

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Sex also has very significant benefits for our immune system. It may seem amazing to believe but, people who often have sex get through less colds than those who abstain. Sex helps our body to produce antibodies against germs that cause common diseases. During sex, our body produces high levels of “immunoglobulin A”, which is our body’s first line of defense.

Sex and heart health

Do you want to have a healthy heart? The key for this is to get a more active sexual life. Sex helps to keep testosterone and estrogen levels balanced and that’s essential because conditions like a heart disease or osteoporosis may appear if we have these hormones out of balance.

Sex and sport

Having sex for approximately 30 minutes is the equivalent to burn up to 100 calories, so sex can become your favorite sport. In addition, having sex is a very complete exercise which helps us to tone all our muscles, depending on the sex position we decide for. For instance, the missionary position is perfect to strengthen our buttocks.

Who cares about going to a gym, given the fact that sex is such a good and cheaper substitute? They say that doing exercise regularly is essential for your health, so this is your perfect excuse to have plenty of sex.

Sex and overall health

After having explained that sex is very beneficial against ageing, stress and common diseases like colds or flu, we can draw the conclusion that sex is good to improve our overall health. So, these are great news for sex lovers!

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