Do you know how many genital surgeries there are?

The term “genital surgery” refers to the quirurgical operations that make changes on the genitalia. It’s a recent surgery specialty that has obviously required the specialization of new professionals. “Genital surgeon” is the name we give to those professional doctors whose main aim is to help other people go through a process of “genital change”.

Although it may seem quite the opposite, the question of the title itself is a little bit unspecific because there are a lot of kinds of genital surgeries to classify. First of all, we need to make the first distinction between male genital surgery and female genital surgery. We shouldn’t mix them up with transitional genital surgery, also known as sex reassignment surgery, that consists on transitioning from male to female or vice versa through a hard process involving taking hormones and many genital surgical operations.

To draw a general overview about how many kinds of genital surgery there are, we will focus first on explaining the main female genital surgery procedures. Afterwards, we will talk about the main male procedures. We will leave aside the transitional genital surgery and won’t explain its specific operations since transitioning from a male to a female -or vice versa- is a very long process that is usually different in each person. It all depends on how our body responds to hormones and surgery.



This procedure involves surgery to the inner and outer lips -minora and majora labia respectively-. In fact, labiaplasty is the most common procedure of all genital surgeries. Women reduce the size of their inner lips to make them smaller than the outer lips because of discomfort or aesthetics.




This is a procedure for women who want to get their vagina tight after having gone through motherhood. Their vagina gets loose after giving birth and never returns to its previous size, so they get a vaginoplasty to rejuvenate it and improve their sexual encounters.



Women who go through this procedure want to get their hymen reconstructed. The hymen is a membrane that covers the vaginal entrance in virgin women. It breaks and bleeds during the first sexual intercourses.



This procedure refers to the reduction of the skin that covers the clitoris exposing it. The aim of this is to get more sensitivity on the clitoris and more pleasure during sex, consequently.


Vulvar lipoplasty

Lipoplasty means to remove the fat excess from any part of the body. So, vulvar lipoplasty is a procedure during which the fat of the so called mons pubis is removed.




A permanent male genital procedure that consists on sealing the vas deferens to prevent the release of the sperm when men ejaculate. It is known to be one of the safest contraceptive methods.



This surgery involves the construction of a penis, or the modification of it in any way. Regarding the construction of it, this is the common procedure to go through in sex reassignment surgeries. However, it isn’t needed to be transitioning to get a phalloplasty because it also refers to penis enlargement, or “male enhancement”.

So, to answer the question we were stating: how many genital surgeries there are? There are many genital surgeries so far, and the number is increases as science evolves. So, we will have countless genital surgeries which will adapt to all our needs.


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