Our body speaks about our sexual interest

Scientists argue that the language of the body can reveal our sexual interest. A study by the psychologist Albert Mehrabian concluded that when we speak face to face with another person, verbal communication is only a 35% while non verbal language occupies 65% of our conversation. So, how can we tell if someone is sending non verbal signals of sexual attraction? When we are attracted to someone certain reactions occur we cannot avoid.

David Givens, an anthropologist specialized in non verbal communication, affirms in his book that we are no different from animals in terms of sending silent signals of physical attraction. What are those signals that give it away?

sexual interest

According to Givens, there are four signals that clearly show someone is attracted to you.

  1. Lifted shoulders

Biologists call the posture of lifted shoulders the “sweet response”, as it reveals a tender part, it shows you are open to another person.

  1. Pigeon fingers

Moving the feet towards the inside is a signal of physical attraction but, also, shows the other person is feeling intimidated. It’s the way of shrinking the body to make it appear in a less menacing posture.

  1. Palms facing up

A person who is interested in you generally has the palm of their hands facing up when they are relaxed. This gesture generates an open and vulnerable attitude towards the other person, which translates into a friendly and accessible attitude.

  1. Arched forehead

If a person slightly crouches their head and looks up from under the forehead, is inviting you to come closer. It’s another of the signals that can indicate someone feels a special interest for you.

  1. Dilated pupils

If someone looks at you and feels attraction for you, their pupils dilate (they become larger), according to a study carried out by the University of Chicago. It’s a totally involuntary response and, according to Dr. Eckhard Hess, one if the scientists that carried out the study, this reaction has nothing to do with the amount of light there is in the place where the two people are.

  1. Bodies aligned

According to Lisa Daily, people who feel attracted unconsciously try to align with the other person. In other words, the heart follows the direction of the feet.

So, if you want t know what truly lies behind the words, observe the body and learn to read its signals, you’ll find out what hides within the heart.

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